A while ago, I took it upon myself to try something new every month, and thanks to the daily deals on sites like LivingSocial and Groupon, I found a half-off coupon to receive a Brazilian wax at Completely Bare. Although this was a rather daring thing for me to try considering it was my first month of doing something new, I thought, “Why not?” I have friends who’ve done this, and they love it, so maybe I will too. So here is the story of my encounter with Brazilian waxing and how I was robbed of everything I’ve got below the waist!

I arrived a little late on a Sunday morning to their location in Beverly Hills. Although it wasn’t intentional, I secretly was hoping they would cancel my appointment for showing up 30 minutes behind schedule. However, they were more then happy to still have me, so I sucked it up and moved forward with the appointment.

Upon entering and being escorted into a tiny white room, two ladies greeted me. One would be observing the procedure, the other performing it. I had been informed earlier on by Completely Bare that I was going to be used as a guinea pig for a training session, and although I was a little nervous, thought it would be more fun with another person in the room since getting yourself stripped is a little awkward for both parties involved. However, I originally thought the girl observing was the trainee, when actually it was the trainer, and the new girl herself was waxing me. This only worried me for a second; however, seeing as how she told me when getting started she’d been waxing for three years before joining the Completely Bare staff.

The ladies left the room and gave me some privacy to prop myself on the flat bed in the center of the room. At this point I thought, “There’s no blanket? No cover? Nothing to give me a little privacy amongst two strangers when they return to do the deed?!” But I had to go with it. You have to be open to these types of things with no inhibitions.

When they returned, I laid down on the table positioning myself as instructed to. The beautician used two different types of wax: one was a hard purple wax, the other a soft pink wax. I was told these were specially made and unique for Completely Bare’s company. The wax wasn’t hot at all, but just a little warm and felt like putty being pasted on my skin. With the hard wax, intended for deeper roots, it would dry and then be pulled off by hand, but with the softer wax, they used a strip of paper to latch on to it, then they would pull it off.

So the moment arrived, my muscles tightened, and I took a deep breath, and 3 … 2 … 1 … OUCH! It was not a painless procedure by any means, but it wasn’t the worst thing in the world. The beautician took her time and put pressure on me after the more sensitive areas were waxed to ease the pain. I probably received 10 or 12 strips when it was all said and done, only five of them really hurt and caused me to yelp a bit.

Also the trainer made light conversation with me, adding a distraction. She informed me Completely Bare has other locations in New York, Dallas and Chicago as well. The company is owned by one of the newest “Real Housewives of New York,” Cindy Barshop, which I thought was interesting. The spa not only specializes in bikini, Brazilian and completely bare waxing, but also does laser hair removal, spa treatments and offers at-home waxing kits.

So there you have it, a first-hand experience of a Brazilian wax. I am now ready for summer, feel like I’m in grade school again and my Southern mother says that I’m officially “a goofball” for getting it done.

Completely Bare is located at 436 N. Bedford Drive, #304, Beverly Hills. For more information, call (855) 366-6060 or visit completely-bare.com.