Bob Schneider picks up the story from his previous albums with the collection of songs featured on A Perfect Day. This mellow and well-crafted album tells blunt stories and observes the world around us. Not crooning or sounding sad for himself, Schneider takes the songs to a place that actually gives the listener strength.

Taking a head-on approach to the issues in life with a “I don’t care” attitude is what you’ll find hidden deep in the songs meanings. There is a little reprieve with fun songs like “Penelope Cruz,” where he talks about the woman whom everyone wants but can’t have.

Musically, the songs are arranged extremely well. His use of piano and various guitars to fill up the background match his voice just as good as when he plays live. The use of some back-up vocals also pops up and really fills the room. Schneider succeeds in making this album something of a start-to-finish piece instead of an album where you go looking for the best tracks.

Grade: B

A Perfect Day is currently available.