“The Escort” starts with the curtains down and Charlotte, unabashedly performed by Maggie Siff, walks center stage wearing a cotton robe. She explains to the audience in a very funny way that there have been changes made to the nudity part of the show. She removes her robe and flashes the crowd with a body suit complete with large breasts and pubic hair. Apparently, the part called for a larger breasted actress and this would have significantly limited casting options. Plus, according to her, the audience would have a harder time taking in real nudity therefore paying less attention to the actors’ dialogue.

Once you get past this joke, you are escorted by Charlotte throughout the play and along the way meet the other characters: her gynecologist Rhona (Polly Draper); Rhona’s teenage son Mathew, played so convincingly by Gabriel Sunday, who also plays Lewis the gigolo; and Rhona’s ex-husband Howard played flawlessly by James Eckhouse (best known as Mr. Jim Walsh from the originial “90210”) who played others characters as well.

The energy is great throughout with very funny punch lines. This was definitely a fun production worthy of checking out.

Geffen Playhouse is located at 10886 Le Conte Ave., Los Angeles. For more information, visit geffeplayhouse.com.