In this world of sustainability, products that are beneficial to the mind, body and soul as well as the environment are becoming much easier to find. A few years ago I thought soy candles were weird, messy and not very fashionable. Candles are supposed to serve a purpose, be it therapeutic or ambient. For students, they can provide calm comfort, especially when they have soothing aromas.

I have always opted for the more commercial candles, such as the Yankee variety. But one day while shopping in Anthropologie I came across a tall glass candle with a beautiful stencil wrapped around it. I was drawn to it not only because of the design, but the deep, rich amber color the candle possessed. Enter SKEEM candles, a husband and wife owned company that manufactures these silk-screened pillars.

The wax is soy based but has been customized to ensure a uniform, long-lasting burn. With scents like Sweet Pea and Vanilla, Blood Orange and Gardenia Nectar, SKEEM candles provide a scent for whatever mood you may be in.

I use the spicy tinged Midnight Orchid to provide a backdrop for when I study. While the scent is not overpowering, it permeated the room and actually helped me focus. I will be sad when it’s gone, but at least the clever designers made sure the glass could be reused. I can use the pillar for many things, like a vase for flowers or even a drinking glass. The other containers SKEEM produces are in the same vein and can be used as a toiletry holder or to hold school supplies, like paper clips or pens.  

SKEEM’s products include matches and compact mirrors with beautiful artwork. I read that most of the designs are inspired by the husband and wife’s travels across the world. For instance, the mirrors have Japanese dragons, koi and geisha, and even specimens of bees. This eclectic mix gives you a little bit of everything but not at an expensive price point. Nothing is over $25, and the candles pay for themselves … my Midnight Orchid candle lasted for well over two months.  

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