Chris Marshall’s debut album fuses country and Americana melodies with a heavy West Coast sound. The gentle strumming from a steel guitar explores themes about life, redemption, treachery, love and self-discovery. Eleven songs are intimately revealed and sung from a first-person point of view, captivating each listener along an open-road spiritual journey. Each song is consumed with heavy lyrics and profound self-awareness, successfully creating a universal outlet everyone can relate to.

Every song title correlates with the subject matter, like “Every Time the Wind Blows” which summarizes the cold dead of winter and shreds of hope and transition. The album also includes upbeat tempos and cheerful rhythms with “Killing Time,” an easy listening song with a classic semblance and foot-tapping energy. The result is a well-polished country record that carries itself seamlessly. Marshall blends outdoors country blues and radiating powerful amplifications with thought-provoking arrangements.

Grade: B

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