JD McPherson has channeled the classic and unrefined energy of rock ’n’ roll with his latest release. The album is equipped with unrelenting efficiency, instantly catapulting itself to another generation filled with ballroom dancing and vintage swing tunes. McPherson’s powerful voice radiates endurance throughout the entire record that sends screeching screams across multi-instrumental tracks. His songs travel rapidly with unrelenting tempos and include frantic attitude arrangements.

Musical outbursts are equally shared from start to finish. The blazing trumpet melodies electrify the album, and grand piano keys are violently pressed igniting a highly addicting experience of rhythm and blues. Playing electric guitars at uncharted speeds mashes perfectly with the heavy drum and bass combination that gains momentum as it progresses.

McPherson has created a record that continues to improve after every spin. It includes ageless stories about life, love and loss while sending its listeners on a pre-Elvis musical expedition.

Grade: A

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