Justin Landry, 21, also known as Jayy L., is an aspiring fashion designer and the CEO and Founder of AGL Brand. The humble Humboldt, Calif., native is just one of many following his dreams to hopefully inflict a positive change in the world.

He states it all started when “the Lord blessed [him] with a vision.” He began Artistic Grassroots Latter (AGL) in 2008 on his 18th birthday. Three years later his company continues to grow as he just released his pre-summer collection April 25; with the full line making its debut June 27.

Jayy L. allowed Campus Circle an exclusive interview to explore why AGL is “The Movement” everyone should be a part of.

Why is it AGL’s time to rise? Why now?

Landry: It just is. There’s nothing but negative street wear brands, and there needs to be some type of positivity in there. There needs to be a brand that is consistent with positivity. I feel strongly about it now we've been doing it for three years, and with everything I’ve learned, right now is the time.

What separates AGL from the competition? What does it have that no one else does?

Our positive outlet and mentality, and that everything that we do has a positive message. I feel you can get a sense of who someone is by what they’re wearing, AGL is bringing positivity to street wear culture. Everything we do [is to] build more of a community rather than just trying to sell clothes.

What does this new Web site and collection bring?

The new website is fresh! We made it a smoother buying process, easier to navigate for the customer and it’s a whole new design. The new collection brings positivity to your life; ‘It’s here to inspire’ is the slogan for this collection. It brings simple, but clean designs. They’re five new designs they all speak to somebody in a positive way.

Out of the new collection, which is your favorite article of clothing?

My favorite one is called the ‘Bright Al’ tee. It features a silhouette of Albert Einstein on the front and one of his quotes on the back: ‘I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.’ That quote, it speaks to me.

How big is this movement? Where do you see AGL five years from now?

It’s worldwide! Young Money said it best, ‘Its AGL if you ain’t with it run from it’ [laughs]. I see AGL setting up shop in our first AGL store on Melrose, and being one of the premier brands of the world, not just the country, but the world.

What’s the last thought you want to leave your readers with?

Do what you love, but also be there and help the next person do what they love. Subscribe to the AGL brand Web site and receive $10 off your next purchase.

For more information, visit aglbrand.com