Hard charging Bay Area duo Sassy is an uncompromising two-woman, guitar and drums band who combines fuzzy hard rock and punk inclinations akin to the Donnas or Betty Blowtorch. Sassy’s 35-minute, 13-track debut, Diggin’ Deep, blasts past with one distorted-guitar number after another.

There is pumped-up girl group action on the pheromone-rich “So Bad It’s Good” and punkified agitation energizes slap-in-the-face catfight “She’s a Liar.” Muffs-like pop punk permeates young love memoir “Something about You” while a taste of The Fastbacks’ patented kick in the rear end filters through the overdriven “It Really Hurts,” where passion goes sour.

Nothing dawdles here, each song blows by in a raw fervor with attitude to burn. Taken as a whole, the cuts have a stylistic similarity with few obvious differences, but the overdubbed guitars and hammering rhythms provide a breathless rush that has a dependably thumping brashness.

Grade: B

Diggin’ Deep is currently available.