Come sundown, a couple madly in love since the beginning of time, reflect on their love and time in their humble abode they’ve made for themselves. The lush hills and countryside that surround their home and town have come into danger of being removed and replaced with gentrified condominiums, mini-malls and the like. “Come Sundown,” written by director Anthony Cronin, tells the story of this couple who have a choice to make: stay and fight for what is essentially environmental rights and the preservation of nature, or sell their land to the “man” who cares more about a profit than the wildlife and green.

What happens is truly a magical transformation of the couple, who we learn are actually spiritual beings with the gift of stopping time and casting spells on people. They enlist the help of a friend who is more like a son, a young lawyer who has long fought for the rights of the town. Along the journey, they help the lawyer who has been so immersed in his work to see the finer things of life, like love via his loyal assistant. It’s a magical journey that really needs to be seen to be experienced. Come sundown is when the action begins and where inner reflections come to light.

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