Regina Klenjoski, the artistic director of Regina Klenjoski Dance Company, is excited for her upcoming show Truths, which she describes as a collection of pieces that demonstrate diversity.

“The show has wonderful energy level, variety, and the level of dancing will be loved,” she says.

And for sure, the show, comprised of four pieces, demonstrates Klenjoski’s take on the meaning of truths. Through her new and returning and pieces, she takes the audience on a journey of how the meaning of truth can be interpreted in different situations.

Besides Emoticons, which has was much loved in Celebrate Dance 2011 for its fierce athleticism, Klenjoski brings three other pieces that will surely cause jaws to drop. Her latest piece, The Pitch, experiments with incorporating vocals, an aspect that Klenjoski has not extensively used before.

“[Vocals] open the door to so much creativity,” she states.

It would definitely be unusual to see vocals widening the spectrum of communication when mixed with dance.

Another highlight to expect in the day’s show is Klenjoski’s return to the stage after several years.

“[I’m] very prepared … working very hard, maybe a little nervous but very excited,” she shares.

I am sure Klenjoski will amaze us with more than just her skills, but also through the emotions she also conveys through her amazing physicalities.

When asked if the pieces are personal, Klenjoski replies with a laugh, “The work is more and more personal. It comes from a place of truth … It’s theatrical-ized. It’s not exactly literal to my life, but [like the pieces] I do search for deeper meaning. Just about accepting community and accepting family friendship, jobs, hobbies. The people that matter in your life.”

Even though the pieces may not be direct representations of her life, all the works are personal to Klenjoski in a certain way. Better yet, they are works that the audience can empathize with as well. Works like Hey Lover, Why the Gun present to us the darker side in an intimate relationship and the repressed anger one feels when something goes awry – emotions that everyone can relate to.

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