Instrumental rock group This Will Destroy You releases their sophomore album that invokes thought provoking rhythms, which are heavily driven by emotional renditions. Tunnel Blanket begins with a passive melody suited for any outdoor landscape experience and gently graduates towards a chaotic musical destruction of guitar riff distortions and anarchy infused drumbeats. Their ability to combine a broad spectrum of elements in each song summarizes who they are creatively.

Tunnel Blanket reflects a thematic background that could fit perfectly as a score for any action film. They merge multiple sound layers across eight tracks without fear of spending time on quiet airspace. The album figuratively satisfies all senses while gradually manifesting into a climactic experience. Although never uttering a single word, each track surpasses any barrier that would be filled with lyrical content. Past its lingering scenery of musical gloom lays a well-crafted album that provokes creativity and passion.

Grade: A

Tunnel Blanket is currently available.