The album from the instrumental group Glorie is a winding trek from one end of the album to the other. The songs blend together in a monotonous tone that rarely gets exciting. Tone and pacing stay relatively the same from the start to the end of the offering. At a few points the music begins to change form, but then just as you think something fresh will develop, the wall of sound swallows up the change in music.

Feeling more like a score to a movie, this CD is background music at best. Considering the influence of metal and even Metallica on bandleader, Jason Paxton, this record should have more range. If you’re looking for something to put on in the background or want something to drift off to, this is your ticket.

Don’t write them off 100 percent yet, at least wait to see what the next album offers. Track to download is “Nightmares Then Sunshine,” but you can also download the whole album for free at

Grade: C+

Glorie is currently available.