Filled with soothing melodies and catchy electronic keys, Ravishers deliver 12 tracks that portray a live atmosphere presence. Vocalist Dominic Castillo’s words hover seamlessly above docile acoustics and throbbing bass chords that require foot-tapping rhythms during every song. Their lyrical content is based on a post-romantic relationship with a significant other, often expressing their discontent with subtle messages while revealing a vulnerable side at every attempt.

The album contains a thick blend of instruments with the involvement of light trumpets in “Nobody Falls in Love Anymore,” a self explanatory slow jam mixed with piano keys and gentle beats. “You Have It” goes in a more dance-oriented direction with thick poppy waves. Ravishers provide enough energy to keep the album fresh after a few spins, while quickly learning the words stored in your subconscious.

Grade: B

Ravishers is currently available.