Parisian record and clothing label Kitsuné has an excellent grasp of all things hip and chic, and this new 16-track various artists compilation offers up to the rest of the world some of the music they’re currently digging in the City of Light. The folks at Kitsuné are so hip, in fact, that they’re not even going to tell you who is performing the compilation’s opening track, “Let’s Go All the Way.” The song features female lead vocals, a Tubular Bells-like keyboard melody and an overall mysterious sound that makes the understated pop tune perfect for a teaser.

While fans will have to keep tabs on Kitsuné to find out later who that particular performer is, the rest of the fun is more overt: French band Housse de Racket checks in with “Roman,” their take on Killers-style dance pop, Peter & the Magician hit the dance floor with synths set to “percolate” and vocals run through the Vocoder for “Twist” and Gallops bring repetitive, mind-blowing keyboard rhythms to the rave with “Miami Spider” (Ponciau edit.)

Like the comp’s title suggests, everything here is dance oriented with some cuts being pure club burners while others lean toward radio play. The important thing is there’s nary a clinker amongst the bunch.

Grade: A

Kitsune Maison Compilation 11: The Indie Dance Issue is currently available.