Even with our busy school schedules and lives there are certain things we can’t escape, and chores are one of the big ones. I hate scrubbing the bathtub and washing dishes. I can’t stand the act of putting clothes in a hamper, then carrying them in a lame plastic basket to the washer or the Laundromat. It’s just … not fashionable!

I imagine others feel the same way, otherwise the Fluff ’n Fold and housekeeping services of the city would have gone out of business a long time ago. Sadly, those same services charge an arm and a leg, and at the Fluff ’n Fold, you still have to carry your clothes in unsightly plastic bags. Might I also interject that those bags are not biodegradable? Not very green I say! The point I’m trying to make is, whatever chores you have to do throughout the week … shouldn’t you feel and look good simultaneously?  

Whatever I’m doing, be it cleaning or eating, I always try to inject a little fashion in there. That probably comes from me watching lots of family shows circa the 1950s and ’60s, like the “Donna Reed Show” and “Leave It to Beaver.” You know, when women were glamorous while scrubbing the toilets and doing other chores.

Really, there’s nothing wrong with a nice, colorful laundry bag that happens to be monogrammed; or some sturdy polka-dot dishwashing gloves that not only protect the manicure but also the skin when using hot temperatures. In my search for a cute apron for my adventures in the kitchen, I came across Royal Accessories, a company that provides the cutest items I’ve seen so far. Not only did I find aprons in leopard print and pearl fabrics, but the Web site offers laundry bags and dishwashing gloves!

I have an oversized “Laundry Room Bag” that is fully lined, with a drawstring to seal the top and a cute embroidered “Laundry” message on the front. It’s huge; I could fit about two to three week’s worth of laundry. However, I change my clothes at least two to three times a day, so you’ll probably fare better. I love the Royal Accessories motto “Everyone has a little dirty laundry … hide yours in fashion!”

My next purchase will be the dishwashing gloves, simply because of the delightful French cuff style of the gloves. I mean how can one not be excited to clean up when you have accessories like these things on? I know I’m reaching a bit, but I have to admit it does make my chores go by that much quicker.  

The prices are slightly on the higher end, ranging from about $30 for those cute gloves to about $58 for the laundry bags, but let me tell you: These things are sturdy, machine washable and they are designed to stay durable!  In the long run you’ll save money: You won’t be visiting the nail salon due to cracked or chipped nails, and you will be using less energy and water because your loads of laundry will be full loads. See? Saving money and looking fashionable at the same time can be done! They also make great graduation gifts like travel bags, dry cleaning bags and shoe covers and stuffers.  Maybe you could gift a friend or better yet your roommate with these accessories? They don’t have to know you may be implying that they need to clean up after themselves.

For more information, call (310) 271-3856 or visit orderroyalaccessories.com.