“Brink” is a first-person shooter that is crossing genres. The Bethesda Softworks game features job categories with their own skills and experience points, and you can also customize your looks and weapons. This allows for a sense of individuality as players craft unique characters, utilizing body styles and a wide array of items.

“Brink” has four categories players can chose from: engineers, medics, operatives and soldiers. Each is distinct in their specialized actions. These units make up a team, and the team is everything in this game. Individuals can change their job at special stations to find new ways to back up your teammates or accomplish a goal. An easy-to-use button system allows you to swiftly switch between jobs and tasks during a mission.

Each profession has a way to help your teammates. Soldiers can refill ammo, medics can heal and revive characters and engineers can boost the attack power of others. Even the operatives, the lone wolfs, have indirect ways to support the team. Even with all this teamwork going on, individuals can choose how they want to play, leaving their team alone and accomplishing side missions during an operation.

Exploring environments, whether you do it as a group or alone, will provide entertainment in “Brink.” The game allows you to find unique ways through any territory, from jumping to ledges in order to reach a certain point to sliding under pipes in order to avoid gunfire. This sense of virtual parkour is addictive, as you will continue to find new ways to destinations or find out that the way you were going is no longer efficient as your goals change.

Grade: B

“Brink” is currently available.