The second annual Silver Lake Jubilee takes over the streets during the weekend of May 21st and 22nd. While last year’s jubilee was a success, event creator Jack Martinez has big plans for this year’s event and was happy to share some of them with Campus Circle. Local bands, food, drinks, comedy and fun for kids and adults will make for a perfect Silver Lake weekend.

The jubilee, has been a major fundraiser for the Los Angeles Arts and Athletics Alliance (LAAAA.) The main focus of the event is to support and raise money for the worthy cause, whose mission is to “promote a lifelong engagement with arts and athletics”; the impact on the community is positive for everyone.

“We’ve always had a big eco initiative since we began,” Martinez adds, “One of the first things we did was meet with Leslie VanKeuren Campbell of Sustain LA and just started from there. So, that awareness has been with us from the beginning.”

The more than 20 bands who are set to play the festival include Geotic, We Are the World, Crystal Antlers, Lady Danville and Black Flamingo; many more are going to perform on three stages. Coming off of their tour with Dashboard Confessional, Lady Danville are back home to Los Angeles to play the festival. Long Beach-based indie-rock band Crystal Antlers play on Sunday night on the Santa Monica Stage. Closing out the night on Saturday are Sister Crayon on one stage and local singer-songwriter Geiotic on another.

To ensure that the festival brings out the local feel and local bands, they reached out to Spaceland Productions and Origami Vinyl to work with the music advisory committee and help with at least one of the stages each night. They have been involved from the beginning. For months out of each year the music advisory committee gets together to discuss shows and bands who might be brought out to play the festival and add to the vibe.

The music will be constant, but of course if you would like to listen to more than the music, there will be comedy each night presented by Iliza’s Comedy Showcase. During the day, for variety and family there is a place for children to have a great time too.

“We beefed up the children’s village this year,” says Martinez. “We’ve invited the JPL [Jet Propulsion Laboratory] in Pasadena to join us. They will come out and bring a Mars exhibit. That will go on under the bridge.”

The educational opportunities for the kids as well as adults will be impressive. The JPL is in the process of planning a mission to Mars in the next two years, so this exhibit will be at the festival to “tell the general public about the local NASA missions.” So between music, comedy, food and drinks, everyone can surely learn something from a visit under the bridge with Pasadena’s JPL.

While the people of Los Angeles love their food trucks, the trucks have been slightly scaled down from last year’s 33 per day to a more reasonable and less smog-inducing 10 trucks for the festival. It will be “more farmers’ market, less exhaust” this year, to go along with the festival’s general eco friendly and conscious ethics.

Martinez is sure that the weekend will be one full of community and fun in Silver Lake.

“People will be able to come out, enjoy themselves, enjoy the people they are with. There will be plenty to eat, plenty to drink.”

For anyone who frequents music festivals, you will appreciate the free water fountains where you are encouraged to fill up your water bottles. No $5 water bottles at this festival, so save your money and head to one of the two beer gardens with local tequila and brews. Come out over the weekend to “enjoy the music, enjoy the community and maybe make a friend or two.”

Silver Lake Jubilee takes places under the bridge at Sunset Boulevard and Santa Monica Boulevard. For more information, visit