Café Entourage is one of the newest spots at the behemoth structure at Hollywood and Vine. Not only does it neighbor the luxurious W Hotel, with nightlife spot Drai’s and the slightly ballyhooed Delphine, but there are also luxury residences and a Trader Joe’s. I’d say this place is in great company, and it is kind of the liaison in the cost of a good meal and drinks on this street.  

For starters, a big step in the right direction is that Café Entourage stays open 24/7 Thursday through Saturday, which helps when you need to replenish your body after a night of dancing and drinking at Drai’s. The minute you walk into Café Entourage, it’s pretty evident that this massive space is more like a lounge than quaint café … and that’s all right!

The two-story space is contemporary and modern, with hints of purple lighting along the walls, stark white seats and two bars. I like the upstairs portion, where you have the option of sitting indoors (which is more like a lounge) or outdoors, surrounded by the W towers. It’s a cool atmosphere with a fire pit and high-back banquettes. This is something I look for when dining; comfortable seating is a big deal, especially during brunch when the sun is shining, and bottomless Mimosas and Caipirinhas are flowing.

Coming to Café Entourage with a large party (or entourage) is almost encouraged with the layout of the 7,000 square-foot space. There’s a 25-foot projector that shows the sports of the day/evening. I was there while an NBA playoff game was on, and the view was crystal clear.  

Café Entourage’s menu is a unique take on comfort food and flavor profiles. For brunch, I tried the Staff’s Choice, a simple but delicious combination of roasted red peppers, tomato sauce and two easy-cooked eggs on garlic bread.  The layers of pungent garlic contrasted well against the yolks and sweet peppers. Though it’s served as an entrée, I prefer it as an appetizer to share with the table, as it’s not very big and there’s much more on the menu to devour. We had the Staff’s Choice, Tuna Tower Tartare and Cesar Salad to start. My favorite was the tuna. Not only was it finely chopped but the accompanying spicy sauce perked up the fish considerably.  

One thing I noticed about breakfast is the lack of traditional items like Eggs Benedict and eggs over easy with bacon or sausage, but that’s part of the charm of Café Entourage. The menu is outside of the box, like the Open Faced Croissant, with ham and goat-cheese scrambled eggs, and the Breakfast on Vine: layers of blue corn chips, cream, cheese and eggs.

The sandwiches and Panini are the stars of Café Entourage. So far, the Swordfish Sandwich that has peppery arugula paired with Thousand Island and the Three Cheese Panini are big hits. I am not a cheese eater due to dietary restrictions, but since the Panini features goat, feta and Swiss I was willing to make an exception, and I’m glad I did.      

With the 24-hour appeal to Café Entourage, I would even venture over there if I have a sudden urge for dessert. Chocolate lava cakes and Crème Brulee are the only desserts I eat, and thank goodness this place serves both of them with gusto.

Check out Café Entourage, especially for the Happy Hour. I’m sure I will be back to watch the NBA Finals. Sadly I won’t be watching my beloved Lakers, but the drinks the mixologists have concocted will help soothe my anger. The Organic Start, a fresh medley of cucumber, green peppers with gin and lemon juice, is very light but packs a punch if you’re not too careful. I’ve recently just joined the gin family, having been a staunch vodka drinker for years. I won’t say I’ve completely changed my drink of choice, but Café Entourage’s Plymouth Gin recipes surely lure me over to the dark (OK, juniper) side. Fear not vodka “entourage,” there’s the appropriate drink for you called the Red Veil, with a splash of red wine to tinge the lemon juice and simple syrup mix.   

For more information, call (323) 467-4200 or visit