The Taxidermist instantly invokes a calm and serene ambience that lingers long after the album ends. Singer Aileen Paron quickly captivates her listeners with powerful harmonies that are complimented by gentle acoustic melodies and buzzing electronic sounds. Paron’s calm musical stature often reveals a haunting obscurity that intensifies with chilling piano keys that softly echo. Every song delivers an assortment of thematic images, ranging from peaceful interpretations to tormented manipulations.

Paron lyrically discloses her personal affairs of romantic endeavors and life experiences during each song. She sings completely exposed and vulnerable yet with a strong sense of self-awareness and security. Songs “Suicide Pilot” and “Horse Fury” foreshadow the content waiting to be confessed, frequently providing a musical trance that’s both intense and equally engaging. Paron creates a perfect dream state album across 10 tracks that end with a beautiful piano arrangement. She bleeds her aching soul across the closing song while violins shiver in despair.

Grade: A

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