Here’s the deal: Amon Tobin has come up with some of the hardest sounds imaginable on this album. It’s brooding and intense, and if you have an amazing soundsystem you might lose your mind.

BUT … All the groove is gone. It’s been an increasing trend. From Permutation to Out From Out Where, his groove has gone from every track, to searching more to find a tempo to hold on to. He’s taken and created stories that are more reminiscent of an Audiojack than a song.

For the ability to create truly new and intense sounds, this album gets an A. For telling a story and making it sound suberb, another A. However, for writing songs, I have to say: fail. The listener that is coming here for music isn’t really going to find it. This album is a departure from the form and never truly moves the listener.

Grade: No frickin’ clue

Isam is currently available.