With all the new laptops, iPads, Galaxy Tabs and such that have flooded the market in the past couple of years, there has been a surge in designer laptop bags and technological accessories. From laptop sleeves to camera cases, it’s hard to find a one-stop shop that features all of these innovative designs at once. Enter Kolobags (kolobags.com), a stylish concept formed in 2004, that has created a Web site that showcases everything from Kipling to up-and-coming brands like Qnkki and Clark & Mayfield.  

Qnkki sleeves, with their ballistic nylon material, combine style and function with their bright colors. My gray and orange laptop bag (kolobags.com/qnkki-m-99) has four compartments, one of them holding a waterproof cover so the bag doesn’t get wet in the rain. On the inside, there is a featured anti-shock technology called the Cubic Padding System. The three layers provide opposition to direct and indirect force, and memory foam to “delay, inhale and disperse survival impact force.” Even though I refuse to test this function out by dropping my laptop, I appreciate the care taken to ensure if I do drop it, my data will be safe.

If messenger bags are more your style (kolobags.com/laptop-messenger-bags-c-8), check out Clark & Mayfield’s. These have a more feminine approach with stenciled flowers and colors including Adriatic blue. Not only do the bags hold your daily essentials, they are not bulky. That’s a big concern when having to go from class to class in a hurry.

I’ve been packing lunches lately, but I don’t really like my bags of late. I usually use a tote, but it's sometimes too big. And brown bags frankly are so boring. While I was browsing the Kolobags site, I noticed they sell stylish insulated ones, so that may be my next purchase. They also carry business card holders, phone cases and luggage. They truly are a one-stop shop.

For more information, visit kolobags.com.