Since you are reading this you already know the world did NOT come to an end as predicted on May 21.

I was certain it wouldn’t; after all, I am writing this on May 19, stressing about the deadline from my editor, not the deadline from my Creator.

Yes, you and I are still here, and it turns out the 2011 Judgment Day believers –“they” were wrong. They said the same thing in 1999 during the Y2K scare, and I’m still sticking to the same fresh-out-of-Catholic-school reasons I had then on why the world isn’t coming to an end now.

1) There hasn’t been a best-selling book about how we don’t need earthly possessions (such as best-selling books in our possession) when Judgment Day comes. The best way to create a real panic and to really sell a book on this earth is to sell fear, and the scariest part is: People will actually buy it!

2) You owe someone money. As much as we’d like our credit card bills, college loans and unpaid parking tickets to just magically disappear, the only way they ever will is when we either pay those bills or the world comes to an end – and neither scenario is happening anytime soon.

3) Hollywood hasn’t remade every single television show or movie from our childhood that we used to love yet. I have been anxiously waiting, with both great anticipation and great fear, not for the end of the world, but for the new Thundercats and the new Voltron films with hopes that Tinseltown won’t ruin them. Then again, if Hollywood started backing and promoted more original ideas and stories the world probably would come to an end!