Following their 2009 EP, Game Called Life, their new album, Places to Go, carries a fresh course of songs for you to sink your ears into. The album embodies eerie coos, backing vocals and dainty lyrics from the song bell Shirli McAllen. Adding the right touch of sweetness, Ryan Feves and Stuart Johnson provide smoky basslines and vibrant drums to an already charming sound. To round out the happy-go-lucky indie jazz band, vibrant horns, a tickling piano and a smooth accordion are placed throughout the album from Mike Bolger. And with a well-balanced mix of ukulele, from Austin Nicholson, Leftover Cuties produce the perfect bittersweet love album for a warm summer’s day.

Places to Go is a perfect accessory to accompany your summer, and the Leftover Cuties are definitely a band to watch. If you haven’t seen them yet, the band performs live for their album release show June 2 at Bardot.

Grade: A

Places to Go is currently available.