The Fantastic Lies of Grizzly Rose successfully combines American folk, gentle acoustic melodies and psychedelic outbursts in 11 songs. The album quickly establishes an outdoor carnival environment packed with influences from fairy tales and magical lullabies.

Miwa Gemini’s musical approach incorporates accordions and xylophones with bells and peculiar toy instruments. “Alice’s Voice” provides a visual concept through her lyrics, transcending further down the rabbit hole than expected. The spiritual journey invoked throughout the album propels each listener to a musical box expedition where lollipops and gumdrops rain from the sky.

Gemini’s voice remains soothing and innocent during the album. Her slow paced approach compliments the musical theme beautifully. “Goodnight Trail” exemplifies the musical direction, while “Matchbox House Blues” highlights the instrumental manipulations and dance vibe atmosphere. “Que Sera Sera” delivers a docile ambience filled with optimism that keeps listeners gently swaying back and forth. Gemini’s album is magical and visionary, capturing the essence of tranquility in tender lullabies.

Grade: A

The Fantastic Lies of Grizzly Rose is currently available.