Punk rock with bagpipes? Fascinating and kind of wonderful. Anthemic songs with poppy-punk melodies, angst and … positivism? Startling yet refreshing. The Murphys have been around since 1996, creating their unique brand of rock and their newest album continues to push the limits.

The Warrior’s Code contains pretty pieces (intro to "Your Spirit’s Alive") and some dumb lyrical content ("The Warrior’s Code" blares out that a "Winner never quits!"). But the amalgamation of pipes and distorted guitars is a lot of fun.

"Captain Kelly’s Kitchen" is one of those crazily contagious pub songs and is guaranteed to lead to lots of ale drinkin’. "The Walking Dead" is a favorite track and definitely a highlight, griping about "a different generation with the same sad song." "Sunshine Highway" is where it begins to get old, with a bland verse and a monotonous chorus to match.

After that, it all starts sounding the same. "Wicked Sensitive Crew" is more of a narrative than a song and can grate on the nerves. "The Burden" picks up again with a more interesting sound and less screaming – more radio-ready perhaps. "The Green Fields of France" is a nice cover ballad of an old Celtic tune, which plays out rather nicely. "I’m Shipping Up to Boston," with lyrics by Woody Guthrie, starts out like it should be a KISS song, but then gets trite. Bonus track "Tessie" is the official anthem of the Boston Red Sox. It’s kind of a pumper, but just OK.

So, the CD is lukewarm. Some of it sounds great, but more than half of it is plain boring.

Grade: B-