Ready for a treat to kick off your summer? The Postelles deliver a freshly polished album that mixes jagged guitars, militant drums and raw vocals reminiscent of what the Strokes were shaping up to be had they not lost steam. Hailing from a small town known as New York City and meeting in high school, the band carries a musical prowess of retro DNA to their sound that even Elvis Costello would be a little envious of.

With fun tracks such as, “Sleep on the Dance Floor,” “Boy’s Best Friend” and “Whisper Whisper,” the self-titled debut is an upbeat mixture of catchy licks and somber tunes that wrap around your heart and make you fall in love with them. Composed of Daniel Balk (vocals, guitar), Billy Cadden (drums), David Dargahi (guitar), and John Speyer (bass), these New Yorkers are already gaining speed with interviews in Rolling Stone and an upcoming tour on the East Coast this summer.

Grade: A

The Postelles is currently available.