Once upon a time, in 1987, a husband and wife teaching team working abroad in China decided to explore the world. They took their daughter and ventured to territories less explored by the common tourist. Sometimes they slept in the grass, sometimes on plain, unlined mattresses. But they made due with their surroundings, and even put together a “Dreamsack” – two old sheets sewn together to create a liner that brought comfort and familiarity. This one keepsake sparked the phenomenon that is Yala Designs today.  

“Here’s one thing you should know about our family: We didn’t set out to start a company. We simply stepped into the sunlight one bright morning without a map, determined to fully meet ourselves by meeting those living around us in the world,” a sentiment from Larry and Nancy Morgan that resonates throughout the brand. When you shop on the Web site, you see inspirational messages of chasing dreams and not giving up on whatever journey you are on.

Yala’s simple yet elegant products are not only sustainable but extremely likable. I have the Bamboo Dreams Organic Cotton Towels, and I can’t wait to buy more. They are truly the softest towels I’ve ever owned, and not to mention durable. I have washed them twice with not one thread unraveled or are there signs of shrinkage. It’s like having luxury towels at a fraction of the price. These are perfect for dorms, as they start about $11.50.

Another great addition for your room would be to order the “Dreamsack.” It’s like sleeping in a soft pod! The Dreamsack can be folded down to a small size so it’s easily transportable.  

Yala makes clothing for men, women and babies, and the simple yet elegant theme runs through the line. V-necks, camis and maxi dresses are the way to go, and I love their lightweight but sturdy construction. Check out Yala for your next housewares or clothing purchase.

For more information, visit yaladesigns.com.