One that is already making a splash this summer is “InFamous 2.” The first “infamous” game definitely made its mark on the gaming community with an impressive open-world environment and mixture of features. “inFamous 2” features an even stronger Cole who gets in the middle of a fight with new enemies, including a group called the Militia and mutated creatures. The story continues for Cole as he heads to a new city, New Marais, that resembles New Orleans to gain objects called Blast Cores in order to get stronger.

With the new game, Cole gains new and improved powers, creating tornados of electricity. For melee combat the player gains the amp, basically a cattle-prod that uses Cole’s energy to wail on enemies with a variety of combos, shocking them at the same time. The game continues with the idea of good karma versus bad in a slightly changed manner. It has been shown that Cole can at some point gain a separate power from his electricity, either pyrokinesis (control over fire) or cryokinesis (control over ice) which will likely depend on what side he chooses.

“InFamous 2” promises to carry over trophies and karma gained from the previous game as well as allow those who haven’t played the first “inFamous” to quickly interact and pick up gameplay. For those looking for an online component, players can create additional missions for others to play through. With all its features, the game promises to be a great ride.

Another game that can be expected to be a big hit is “Dungeon Siege 3” (available June 21). This action role-playing game is again in the Kingdom of Ehb. This time, however, the kingdom has been torn apart, and the player will basically end up trying to rebuild it.

As other games in the series, this one follows a simple idea with the player fulfilling quests in order to battle evil forces and obtain his goal. What makes this game stand out is the four playable characters. Each has an interesting story and very different abilities. They range from the expected – a melee warrior in the character Lucas – to a gunsmith – in the character Katrina – and a god-like figure – in the character Anjali. The differences of characters may be most notable with the game’s online co-op gameplay that allows for up to four players.

As well as having very different powers from the other, each has a different type of abilities allowing for a quick change from one to another in order to make it through the game. Most action will deal with alternating between these modes of play – going from attack to defense, close range to long challenge. This makes for a quick-paced game that will be easy to get addicted to.