Feathers, sequins and tutus, oh my! That’s what was happening at Studio A in Silver Lake as dancers from the LA Unbound dance company prepared for their upcoming (June 18) performances at El Portal Theatre. The dress rehearsal was packed with wall-to-wall dancers as they filled the room with costumes, mohawks, bells, hats, hugs, quiet chaos and an overall feeling of excitement of what was to come.

In a town where most dancers are not only competitive but flat-out cut throat, the LA Unbound company has seemed to surpass all of that animosity by creating a collective where many styles and types of dancers receive support and recognition. Betsy Uhler and Elizabeth Tramontozzi, who run the company, have done very well at putting many styles on stage and establishing positive creative energy in a community that can be very judgmental.

On the company’s Web site, it reads “A sanctuary for the artistic. A gathering of creative souls. Possessing a flair for the dramatic. Having a true passion for dance in all of its forms.” Need I say more?

For anyone planning to go to the El Portal performances, you will definitely be entertained and inspired. With over 100 dancers and 20 dance pieces, you’ll get your money’s worth. From hip-hop to musical theater to contemporary dance pieces, there’s something for everyone.

This youthful company, which seems like it’s run by a large organization, operates in a very professional and organized way. They are about the creative but posses a business mind, which is probably why they’ve been in the game since 2007.

Former members of IC Unbound, the student dance company of Ithaca College, Uhler and Tramontozzi have brought a piece of that energy to Los Angeles. In a city that is dominated by commercial dance and Hollywood, it’s refreshing to see more and more unique companies emerge and succeed.

LA Unbound will perform June 18 (at 4 p.m. & 8 p.m.) at El Portal Theatre, North Hollywood. For more information, visit launbound.com.