Three of the men in this band were kicking around in California bands until a couple of years ago when they made the trek north to Seattle in search of inspiration. They found it in the form of a drummer (Scott Davis) and a second guitarist (Steven Tracy), and things have since gelled nicely for the quintet.

"Stretched Over" starts the emotional roller coaster that is You Can’t Trust a Ladder – bassist John Schofield gives his fingers a workout as his four-string finesse powers the tune along. The song cleverly uses a few bars of slide guitar from Jon Young right before a chorus of "We slide, we slide, we slide … ." This sets the bar for the rest of the album, as the boys go on to show kinship with groups like U2 and Radiohead.

Singer Jeremy Edwards proves a versatile vocalist, adept at slow, dreamy numbers ("10,000 X 10,000") and power rockers (the Killers style "Tethered") alike.

Grade: B