Long before the cops were referred to as Five-O or the Po Po, a favorite slang term for them was “the fuzz.” If it weren’t for the simulated sirens in the first segment of The Local Fuzz and the fact that that portion of the album speeds along like a felon with the K-9 unit on his tail you could be forgiven for thinking that maybe the reference is to fuzzed-out guitar. Actually, The Local Fuzz gives you free rein to think whatever you want; since the 42-minute work is completely instrumental, there are no words to try and interpret.

The album is all one big long song too, also called “The Local Fuzz,” so you’ll have to make up your own nicknames for each segment if you care to (“The Chase” would be good for the first segment). For lack of a better definition, the Atomic Bitchwax plays “stoner rock” with an emphasis on guitars-gone-hyper, and they’ve struck a good balance here that keeps the work from dragging; the one-long-song thing could easily have backfired, but “The Local Fuzz” keeps the listener rapt just as surely as seeing flashing red-and-blue lights in the rearview mirror do.

Grade: B

The Local Fuzz is currently available.