Portland, Ore.’s Jackie-O Motherfucker is not an easy band to like. Their moniker is confrontational, and the ever-revolving membership has continually fashioned a reckless mélange of scribbly sound effects, weirdo improv, spooky minimalism and much more.

On the group’s newest long-player, Earth Sound System, main Jackie-O man Tom Greenwood and his latest cast of creators escalate the ensemble’s psych-folk elements on the droning “Dedication” and the Richard Buckner-ish, country-rippled dirges “In the Willows” and “Bring It to Me.” But Greenwood and his cohorts also hit the experimentation button with the India-meets-glitch, genre-busting “Raga Joining,” where sitar and disconcerting beats clash. Then there is the follow-up featurette, “Raga Separating,” akin to a drug-engendered dreamscape or a Popol Vuh soundtrack.

Longtime Jackie-O fans should skip to the final track, the precariously dissonant, indie-noise feast “Where We Go,” where My Bloody Valentine-styled fuzz guitar, perturbed vocals and extroverted riffs ride a sonic wave.

Grade: B

Earth Sound System will be available July 5.