T-shirts are an essential part of anyone’s closet. Who doesn’t own a zillion tees that are not only comfortable but are fun to wear? They’re easy to slip on and when worn with a pair of your favorite jeans, life feels pretty good.

A T-shirt can also act as your personal PR person, and is a great way to say what you mean, without really saying it. Whether you’re into celebrating your heritage, claiming your man or womanhood or just want to tell someone off, you’ll be able to find what fits not only your body but also your mood.

Based in New York, but available to everyone on the Web, Them Girls have a selection of cute baby tees and T-shirts based on empowered female characters. Meet Basil Blonde, the outspoken militant of the group. Her cohorts include the proud and highly cultured Sassy Sage, Brown Sugar, whose arrogance is overshadowed only by her up-to-the-minute fashion sense, and the spicy Cinnamon, who oozes class and sophistication. At $20 a shirt, it would be a shame not to own all four designs.

For those ladies who want something a little sexier, the line also produces off-the-shoulder tees. Check out their awesome collection at www.them-girls.com.

Have you ever wanted to tell someone to go poke themselves but lost the nerve? Then you’ll love the warped minds at Sickidiots.com. With prices that start at $13 a tee, this collection of "T-shirts to piss people off" will have you laughing at the hysterical and scoffing at the offensive.

Designs are grouped into four categories, each with their own twisted sense of humor. For example, "New & Hot" supplies the thought provoking "Don’t take life so seriously. You can’t get out of it alive." The sexually frustrated can find temporary comfort with "I’m not staring at you. I’m just examining my prey," in the "Sexual & Fuck" section. Those no-holds-barred souls should find the "Rude & Offensive" section, with messages such as "Re-invent yourself. The current you sucks," to their liking. And, of course, metal fans can wear their "Dave Mustaine for President’ shirts with pride.

Sickidiots.com also provides links to other sites if you crave more. Just don’t get offended when the cursor icon gives you the finger.

Fahari (Swahili for having pride in one’s self) offers a mixture of T-shirts and accessories. Women and men can show off in baby tees or shirts with nicknames like "Chocolate Drop" and "Honey Dip." Everyone from the slender princess to the voluptuous queen can sport the "I Love My Body" T-shirt with satisfaction. Some of these shirts, which run $24 each, also come in tank and sleeveless V-neck styles. Wrist cuffs made of 100 percent lambskin, suede backing and a Velcro closure with flag colors representing Cuba, Jamaica and Puerto Rico sell for $40. These works of art can be found at www.them-girls.com.