Burlap to Cashmere have returned after a decade-long hiatus. Their latest self-titled effort combines folk rock and tribal harmonies across 11 tracks. The acoustic blends throughout the album with light jazz elements and seasoned country layers. Singer-songwriter Steven Delopoulos along with the core band members express maturity while shedding light towards an uncharted creative direction. The organic surface of “Build A Wall” reveals a sense of growth and expansion towards an outdoor Americana environment.

The lyrics remain soothing yet powerful. Guitarist John Philippidis’ rapid melodies bottle the essence of an open-field atmosphere. “Don’t Forget To Write” features a soft rhythmic approach while adding ambitious overtones in every chord. Their musical methods are heartwarming while blending optimism and expectation with uplifting melodies. The band’s chemistry remains strong and dedicated during each track and maintains their ’90s musical integrity without distancing themselves too much artistically.

Grade: B

Burlap to Cashmere will be available July 19.