Zomby specializes in atmospheric electro with a bent towards the experimental, often coming up with delightfully oddball stuff like “Witch Hunt,” an instrumental that, while thoroughly modern, conjures an Old West shootout at high noon. Zomby proves to be masterful at creating a scenario on “Witch Hunt” as synth notes swirl tentatively, wondering who will survive, while other electronics simulate the distinct sound of a rattlesnake on the alert, ready to slither at any minute over the dead man. Ultimately electronic percussion simulates gunfire and the song fades out with the cowboy’s life.

Not everything here is as cinematic; “Black Orchid” finds Zomby with the synth set to percolate and playing at the speed of thought only to surprise the listener by ending the song cold mid-note, while “Digital Rain” has synthesized toy piano notes and synth beats pinging off everything in sight, even seeming to splash the occasional drop right in your eye. Much of what Zomby presents here is minimalist but not chill-out or ambient – there’s no telling where you’ll go, but Dedication will definitely give your thinking cap a pleasant workout.

Grade: B

Dedication is currently available.