The new graphic novel from the Brazilian brother team of Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá is an affecting portrait of one man’s life. Each chapter dips into a key moment in the life of Brás de Oliva Domingos that collectively shaped the trajectory of his existence. The son of a famous novelist and cultural hero, Brás floats through life writing obituaries while dreaming of living up to his father’s daunting example.

Each day we spend with Brás culminates in a seemingly fated death that imbues the moment with special significance. But, Brás’ life does not really end. He goes on, collecting these moments until his life is full of them.

Moon and Bá excel at instilling life’s seemingly quotidian moments with import, capturing all of the bittersweetness of love, friendship and family.

For all its focus on death, Daytripper is really about life. For Moon and Bá, life’s inevitable end is what gives it meaning.

Grade: A

Daytripper is currently available.