The tour for her latest album, All of You, is already in full swing for Colbie Caillat and her crew. When I spoke with her last week, she was in Hamburg, Germany with a full schedule. While the strict schedule seemed to be taking its toll on the musician, she was happy to be on the road to see Europe.

“Fans in Germany have been such huge supporters of my music from the beginning, so I’m excited to be back here,” shares Caillat. “We’re playing a show here tomorrow and then we’re off to Switzerland. I really love Switzerland; it’s beautiful and great to play.”

With a little bit of time off between shows, she was taking time to see the cities and people.

“We flew to Amsterdam and had one day off to see the city,” she says. “It’s really great to get back to Europe and see the fans here, but I’m always excited to get back to the states, back home in California and I love playing shows in New York too. The record release shows in Los Angeles and New York, I’m really excited about.”

Caillat is known for her upbeat and bright music and lyrics, indicative of her Southern Californian upbringing. All of You continues that tradition. Listening to the album, I was energized and happy to find that the sound was truly Caillat, but with new energy and life to it.

Collaborations with fellow artists always bring out something new and exciting, and this new album was made in just that way. Caillat worked with Common for the track “Favorite Song.” She was thrilled with the opportunity to work with him, and I could hear the joy in her voice when I ask about the project.

“It was incredible,” she says. “It was one of my dreams. I’ve always wanted to work with him, so I asked last year.”

The singer was finishing up some songs and had a perfect project to include Common.

“So we had Common come in on one of our sessions. He is just a great guy and a very positive poetic writer and I love the tone of his voice, so having him on that song was just so fun for me.”

The end result is absolutely my favorite on the record and is something new and different for Caillat.

Her performances are upbeat and lively just like the songs themselves. Caillat has hopes for her audience and friends who come to hear her play.

“I want people to love the music, dance. If they are with a boyfriend or girlfriend, I want them to fall more in love, have a great time. When they leave I want them to have the songs in their heads.”

The songs speak of personal experience and love and loss.

“I write the personal experiences I go through with love and relationships and the ups and downs, and if ever someone can relate to it or it can help them through a situation, that is why I do this and so when I hear back from fans that a song helped them through a situation, I want them to have a realization that they are not alone.”

The songs written by Caillat are obviously very personal and seem to speak to many people’s experiences and trials. She always enjoys hearing how the songs have impacted people and how they have helped others. It is not uncommon for fans to approach her and share their stories.

“It’s really cool because my songs are personal to me but I wrote them more for the general perspective, so it’s fun to hear what people see or thing about the song.”

Beyond the everyday online social networking, Caillat makes a point to meet and talk with her fans at the shows.

“It’s a fun connection with the fans.”

All of You is currently available. Colbie Caillat performs July 14 at the Troubadour and Aug. 6 & 7 at House of Blues Anaheim. For more information, visit