I know it’s much easier to go and get waxed, but once you get the hang of it, self-waxing, namely under your arms, is pretty easy. You just have to pick the right product and really read the directions.

I have been using Sally Hansen’s Lavender Spa Wax Kit as of late. The product comes with the purple (lavender) wax, wax applicators and a starter kit of muslin paper and azulene oil. This product promised a more natural way of removing unwanted hair from your body and face, with soothing lavender to prevent irritation. I thought that sounded good since a lot of times after waxing, I will get a rash or become itchy.   

Upon further research, I noticed that Amazon reviewers gave it 2.5 stars, not too good. A lot of the dismay from users stemmed from how messy it is. It is not water soluble, meaning you have to use oil or powder to remove it. It’s also very thick and clings very quickly to whatever it is around. You do have to be very careful when applying it, so I wrapped myself in an old towel and put an old sheet on the ground. I’m glad I did, because the reviewers are right: super messy! I also used latex gloves to prevent wax getting under my nails.

Once I got the hang of using this, after about two tries, Sally Hansen’s Lavender Spa Wax is not that bad. I liked that the smell is pleasant, and after the waxing, my skin felt very soft and smooth. There was a little redness after my first application, but that’s because I went over the same spot twice on my legs. That’s a big no-no in the art of waxing, so let my example be a lesson to you!

Another thing to keep in mind is to not overheat the wax, even if it seems too thick to apply. A little goes a long way, so the $12 cost is actually pretty affordable. However, you do have to buy a bigger bottle of azulene oil or better yet invest in some Vitamin E enriched baby oil. You may need to buy extra muslin papers as well. The azulene oil costs about $6, and the strips you can buy at any beauty store for less than $5. You can stretch the strips by cutting them down to size and using both front and back.

You should also invest in a wax warmer to keep the wax in a useable consistency. Otherwise, work really fast or stick the wax back in the microwave. There’s a lot to take in, but I really enjoyed the smell and my smooth skin, which lasted an impressive eight weeks.  

For more information, visit sallyhansen.com.