Why simply say hello when you can introduce yourself in a far more memorable way? Timez Are Weird These Days begins with “Last Name London,” a self-promoting trip-hop burner with such a catchy hook that your friends may think you’ve changed your name as you go around mindlessly repeating the song’s chorus, “Last name London/First name Thee-ah-fuh-liss.”

“Love is Real,” featuring background vocals from Holly Miranda, sounds like homage to disco-era Bee Gees while Prince is clearly the inspiration for “All Around the World.” The funky “Why Even Try” has a bass line straight out of the Rick James catalog, but Sara Quin’s (Tegan & Sara) ethereal vocals make the song end up sounding like a Kate Bush mash-up. “Stop It” finds London spitting mad rhymes but overall this album is as much about cleverly-arranged, radio-ready pop as it is about hip-hop.

Timez Are Weird These Days is definitely crafted for mass consumption and no doubt the public will answer London’s “Last Name London” introduction with the best nice-to-meet-you ever: a million sold.

Grade: A

Timez Are Weird These Days is currently available.