“Stacy’s Mom” is gone, but Chris Collingwood and Adam Schlesinger – better known as Fountains of Wayne – continue their splash of energized and sometimes despondent power pop with fifth release, Sky Full of Holes. Fountains of Wayne dissects dimly-lit suburbia with a representative mixture of smart wordplay, typical telling details, dynamic melodies and trademark character sketches about an incompetent entrepreneurial couple (the brisk “Richie and Ruben”), a stressed-out, middle-aged dad (the downhearted, sincere “Action Hero”) and a family attending a military funeral (the serious tale of “Cemetery Guns,” a moving elegy to kin and kith).

Collingwood and Schlesinger don’t deny their typical bitter humor: for example, poppy opener “The Summer Place” has a sister who won’t step inside the kitchen due to a Cuisinart phobia. But generally Sky Full of Holes has a matured edge about folks trying to endure dead-end jobs, debilitated depression, high blood pressure and the wary weariness of depression-era America.

Grade: B

Sky Full of Holes is currently available.