Mat Kearney’s Young Love could not be more appropriately titled. It reaches that nostalgic place in all of our hearts of first dates, long walks on the beach and that unforgettable first-kiss moment. The album not only matches but exceeds that of his previous album, City of Black & White.

“Ships in the Night” is the most noteworthy on the album, with its catchy melody and driving beat. “Sooner or Later” and “Young, Dumb and in Love” are also on the list of tracks not to be missed on this sentimental and touching album. These three songs remind us exactly what it is to be just that: young, dumb and/or in love. “Rochester” takes this CD to another level, though, as Kearney narrates a touchy subject and painful subject of an abusive father.

Stretching to conquer a higher level of maturity and substance, Kearney surpasses that expectation.

Grade: A-

Young Love is currently available.