Spencer Krug is one of those “no one band can hold me” kind of guys who has been the driving force behind Montreal acts like Sunset Rubdown and Wolf Parade. Here, working as Moonface, he is a true solo artist tinkering only with organ, digital drums and his voice.

The lengthy “Return to the Violence of the Ocean Floor” sounds like something Thomas Dolby or Gary Numan would have cooked up in their early days, and like those artists Moonface manages to use his keyboard to simultaneously produce bright notes and dreary drones that swaddle each tune in mystery. And therein lies the appeal of Organ Music: the fact that the listener isn’t quite sure about what emotion to feel creates an almost hypnotic state of raptness.

“Fast Peter” is done as Kraftwerk-style krautrock while “Shit-Hawk in the Snow” taps into the eerie drone first explored by Suicide and “Loose Heart = Loose Plan” finds Krug doing his best David Byrne impression to a Talking Heads-in-slow-motion melody. At less than 40-minutes long Organ Music is something between an EP and an LP, but it is the ideal length to leave the listener hungry for more quirkiness.

Grade: B

Organ Music Not Vibraphone Like I’d Hoped is currently available.