During the weekend of Carmageddon (Los Angeles’ most feared traffic monster), Create:Fixate presented its most recent artistic rendezvous at the Premier Events Center in Downtown Los Angeles. If you by for some chance missed the countless number of previous events hosted by Create:Fixate, the evenings of the July 16 and 23 were your chance to make up for the loss. Usually Create:Fixate holds one-night only events, but on top of the one held on the 16th, Create:Fixate held an encore of Stop-Pause-Now, the first encore in its 10-year history, on the 23rd.

Just like its previous cocktail parties of art, Create:Fixate didn’t fail to provide its visitors with an evening – in this special case, two evenings – of undivided attention and indulgence into the arts.

Michelle Berc, the Founder and Artistic Director of the arts organization states, “Sometimes, you’ve got to take a moment, with all that’s whizzing by. The noise level rises and it becomes an ever-increasing challenge to just be, much less Be Present. So take a moment. Let go of that angst about the past and your worries about the future. Give your undivided attention to what’s going on right in front of you. Pause. Center. Focus. And when you’re ready, Take Action. Find your way to Now and make it happen!”

Sure enough just like the theme set forth by Berc, numerous artists gathered to create an evening surrounding the queer timelessness of the present, the gift and valuable experience of enjoying it.

Organized into two sections, the Optical Lounge and the Audio Lab, Stop-Pause-Now called forth over 30 visual artists as well as a group of musical artists to please its audience. Surrounded by brilliant colors and music that vibrates to your core, Create:Fixate stamped yet another successful event in its series of bringing art to life.

Still artists, video artists, live artists, graphic artists, jewelers and designers all brought to the space contributions filled with the touch of their own lives and passion, colors that lured and tantalized the audience into long deciphering gazes. And of course, as usual, the Audio Lab completes the evening organized by Create:Fixate. Probably what Create:Fixate is most known for. The art of course is one thing, but the true element that defines Create:Fixate as Create:Fixate is its unique combination of all of the arts and not a simple presentation of one. The music, in collaboration with the art creates a type of synchronization that truly makes the night memorable.

Bored of the still art? Simply make your way to the terrace next to the gallery and enjoy a more sensational indulgence. Bounce to the live music provided by a unique lineup, and if you’re tired of walking around to see the art, take a seat on one of the couches prepared outside and stare at the wall with the LED panels that continuously show a confusing pattern. Just stop to enjoy the video art in front of you.

Create:Fixate spoils its audience with the plethora of art they provide in a single night. From its visual contributions to its audio pleasures, Create:Fixate always holds an evening filled with valuable sights that people tend to miss in their ordinary lives. If in the future you have a chance to visit one of the events, remember to be fully prepared-because what you will be exposed to in the venue will be something you have not experienced before.

For more information, visit createfixate.com.