Indestructible Noise Command is back and stronger than ever after being absent for two decades. Heaven Sent, Hellbound begins with a chilling orchestral piece which features slamming cymbals leading into violent musical chaos.

Adrenaline instantly reaches full force when Denis Gergely explodes on the microphone. His commanding vocals spread like wildfire over 12 brutal tracks.

Double petal bass drums viciously crash while mimicking machine guns during war. “God Loves Violence” recaptures the thrash essence of the early ’90s revealing metal is far from dead.

Guitarist Erik Barath and Anthony Fabrizi excel during “Swallowed” as they deliver a breathtaking solo that highlights intense axe shredding for three minutes.

The album includes fist-clenching melodies that desperately scream circle pits and drip of extreme sweat. Heaven Sent, Hellbound becomes an instant classic after the first listen. The album comes embedded with raw and malicious elements that other metal bands today fail to include.

Grade: A

Heaven Sent, Hellbound is currently available.