Untitled Document Some might think of our City of Angels as a sort of survival of the elitist, where only the highest caste of hot shots can gain access into the coolest places to be. Last week, we introduced readers to the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel’s Tropicana Bar – a spot at the height of Los Angeles exclusivity (at least for now). But on the opposite end of the spectrum is the Vanguard, a new, hip club whose attitude is deliberately inclusive and welcoming.

The club formerly known as Qtopia was re-christened as the Vanguard when it opened this summer after a few important tweaks to its formula. First, it started looking like a real club – event promoter Pasquale Rotella threw $2 million at the modest venue for a much-needed makeover. They obtained a liquor license, meaning they wouldn’t need to resort to hosting as many tamed 18-and-over nights. Second, they began to diversify in the type of events they hosted, not limiting themselves to serving the club-kid crowd, while trying to achieve a somewhat elusive goal: Having something for everyone.

The Vanguard now stakes claim to the title of Hollywood’s largest dance floor. The 20,000-square-foot venue has a special glow thanks to a spectacular lighting system. The sound equipment is just as high-tech (and likely disgustingly expensive), flaunting the "Funktion One" system found in only the most extravagant of clubs. It’s several levels, but the first floor is the place to be for dancing; an open-air patio and a VIP balcony lounge are on top (they can’t completely forego special service to the Very Important Persons – it’s L.A., after all). The patio is an inviting oasis with waterfalls, palm trees, beds and cabanas. Last, but not least, the Vanguard boasts two bars and a full-service restaurant, officially bringing everything one could possibly desire to a single location.

The venue is open seven days a week, but themed nights occur often. "Bassrush," which survived the transition from Qtopia to the Vanguard, is a drum ’n’ bass event that has maintained its popularity, featuring guests DJs such as Roni Size. Others include techno/trance nights and "Naked L.A.," featuring house music and go-go dancers. Their most eclectic night is Saturday, featuring hip hop, ’80s and current hits as acrobats fly across the ceiling. No matter what the occasion, though, Rotella is known to go out of his way to find the best DJs in the business.

The club has hosted a number of other special events spotlighting the arts. DJ duo the Crystal Method frequently comes to spin for the crowds, and thanks to Spaceland Productions, such bands as VHS or Beta, Brian Jonestown Massacre and Thievery Corporation have already performed. In an atypical move for a club, the Vanguard has also seen two fashion shows and a number of art exhibitions.pr> The Vanguard sounds like a dream come true for all club-goers: Not only is it the place where everyone wants to go, but it’s also a place where everyone can go. In a world of Tropicana Bars and guest-list-only Spider Clubs, it’s a long-overdue concept.

Price: $20. Parking: $6; street parking is also available until 1:30 a.m. Hours: Varies. For more information, visit www.vanguardla.com.