Trojans, it’s about that (dreaded) time to prepare for returning to school. You owe it to yourself to treat your body well, especially since your brain will be working double time. At a minimum, you can make sure your beauty regimen is intact with a few simple basics for your dorm and school bag to get you through the season.

Let’s start off with the Cool-It Caddy (, a line of insulated pouches that will keep your beauty products organized in your purse, backpack or gym bag. Not only are these pouches extremely fashionable, but they also feature a waterproof exterior.

They have a line called the Icepops, styled just like the original Cool-It, but slightly larger and in bright colors. The draw for these caddies is: You can pop your bag in the freezer until frozen, take it out and keep your makeup, medications and lotions safe.

Cool-It Caddy just released a line for men too, so they can easily stash their sunscreens, snacks and lip balms in their gym bags/backpacks. And these caddies won’t break your bank; nothing is over $40.

Did the summer wreak havoc on your hair? I usually have the driest hair of all during the summer months, so I decided to try a new hair pill called Viviscal. The all-natural product, available at, has been in my regimen for a little under two weeks, and I’ve noticed some differences. My hair is a lot softer for one, and my nails are stronger. I already have long nails, so the growth is not too noticeable, but the brittleness is definitely gone. Viviscal works in four stages, by strengthening the hair follicles, promoting the growth of hair, improving hair where it has broken off and finally resulting in stronger, healthy and shiny hair. It works for both men and women and you only have to take two pills a day. By Christmastime, your hair will be camera ready for all the holiday parties you’re sure to attend.

Soon you’re going to be cramming for tests and staying up at all hours of the night, so make sure you have something to cover those dark circles – in addition to drinking lots of water. Benefit’s Some Kind-A Gorgeous is a sheer, skin-tone perfecting cream-to-powder concealer that offers light coverage for your skin’s slight imperfections. It’s nice and compact, with the packaging resembling a small vinyl record. And at under $10, you can’t go wrong with this product. Their slightly more expensive product, Erase Paste, is also great for camouflaging blemishes and brightening your eyes. Choose from Fair, Medium or Deep for about $26 at

I can’t stress enough to drink lots and lots of water, even though the fall season is not as hot as summer, your skin and body won’t be able to look their best without proper hydration. There are water bottles that can help you feel good about having water, like the newest Gaiam aluminum bottle water series ( My favorites are the one with a picture of the Eiffel Tower and the blue screw-top Wisdom versions. These are $10 or less, and trust me, your body will thank you.

Add a little flavor to the water if that helps. Crystal Light’s flavor packets ( will add a bit of lemon, fruit punch or grape taste among others. You’re still hydrating, there are few calories and the Enhanced Flavors offer ingredients, like antioxidants, to fortify your body.

Drinking water helps with the skin, but what if your pores are a little on the large side and kind of oily? Fear not, Boscia has your covered with their No Pores, No Shine T-Zone Treatment ( Any blackheads on your face will shrink within weeks when you use this treatment, guaranteed.

My skin is more on the dry side, but my friend has oily skin, and I can always tell when she uses this product because the shine is practically gone. Boscia is pH balanced and free of alcohol and artificial ingredients – perfect for both men and women. A little goes a long way, and at $36, it’s again, budget friendly.