If romance films have taught us anything, it’s that finding true love can take a lifetime. It seems we look for it in all the wrong ways and places. And after all the misunderstood texts and Facebook posts, some of us lucky people manage to see their true love was in front of them all along. It might take weeks, months or years, but what matters is the chance to relish it.

One Day centers on charming but roguish Dexter Mayhew (Jim Sturgess), and ambitious Emma Mortley (Anne Hathaway) over the course of 20 years, after spending one day together – July 15, 1988, their college graduation – the film glimpses at several July 15ths of their lives. Critically acclaimed director, Lone Scherfig (An Education), brings us a heartfelt glance at the laughter, fights, hopes, successes and failures of a friendship, as two people come to terms with the nature of love.

One Day follows a familiar pattern many love stories have done in the past, like When Harry Met Sally…, Groundhog Day and Scenes from a Marriage. The audience sees the protagonists at key moments in their lives; whether they are together or apart, they serve as an observation of how both change as people but also as a grand perspective of a relationship.

Academy Award nominee Hathaway, continues to captivate us with her wonderful performance as Emma. Although a little heavy on the English accent, Hathaway captures Emma’s lovable and witty character. It’s clear of the chemistry Hathaway shares with Sturgess, who continues to make a distinguished career for himself. Based on David Nicholls’ bestselling novel, One Day, is once again proof that love takes time. Scherfig masters the subtle art of visually stunning storytelling and mingles it with intuitive humanism. Instead of rushing straight into the romance, Scherfig pushes pause and lets us relish in all the little human nature moments, really letting the audience be emotionally connected to the characters.

With a wonderful cast, talented director and a truly remarkable love story, One Day will surely leave you nostalgic but remarkably delighted.

One Day releases in theaters Aug. 19.