Although never having seen a “True Blood” episode, a good-looking male specimen with a foreign accent is always appreciated in my book. Ryan Kwanten of “True Blood” fame leaves his fangs behind (or whatever a “werepanther” has) to play the title character of the offbeat Australian romantic comedy Griff the Invisible, and proves that he is more than just easy on the eyes.

Griff is a timid and awkward guy bullied by co-workers by day but spends his nights defending terrorized neighbors in a homemade superhero suit. Despite the excitement that his nighttime adventures bring, his social misgivings leave him lonely apart from visits by his concerned older brother Tim (Patrick Brammall). His situation changes, however, when Tim introduces him to Melody (Maeve Dermody), a clumsy but cute science enthusiast who takes interest in the equally eccentric Griff.

Griff the Invisible has a sweet story that intrigues, sometimes confuses, but in the end leaves the audience smiling for taking a chance in this quirky Australian film. Both Kwanten and Dermody perfectly play their characters’ social awkwardness to a T; they convince us that no one else would really understand Griff and Melody like they do each other.

Although the movie loses its audience at times during some of Griff’s Mission Impossible-type exploits, the story has enough heart to make us stay with him in his adventures or misadventures in life and romance. Griff the Invisible by no means takes itself too seriously, adhering to the message that it sends. Like all offbeat, quirky movies however, its humor won’t translate to everyone, but it will nonetheless make for an interesting, light afternoon matinee.

Griff the Invisible releases in select theaters Aug. 19.