Ever wonder how genre stereotypes seem to perpetuate themselves? If so, Stutterfly is your answer. Typically sad emo lyrics set to hardcore vocals that are predictably tinged with melody, these Canadians make the kind of music you can both cry and hardcore dance to.

Them and like, a million other bands.

The musicianship showcased by the individual members of the band isn’t necessarily bad, in fact the CD is pretty decently produced, with the instruments all coming together in a not-so-unlikable fashion.

Although, once the vocals come in and you actually listen to the lyrics, all that goes out the window in favor of riding on the coattails of an already over-saturated genre. Just look at the song titles on the album: "Burnt Memories," "Where Angels Fell," "Sun Bleeds Red" and "Flames Adorn the Silence." More clichés. See, the blood references are all part of that whole emo "my heart is bleeding because you stabbed me in the back" nonsense, and the fire references represent hardcore styled "the fury of my vengeance is burning inside of me" hogwash. Whatever.

If nothing else, Color will be right at home in your CD case between your Saosin and Matchbook Romance CDs in the joke band section. For future reference, though, maybe Stutterfly should stop pigeonholing itself by letting "artsy" words and feigned emotional angst substitute for intelligent and original songwriting.

Grade: D-

And We Are Bled of Color is currently available.