Now that fall semester is right around the corner, it’s officially time to cash in those checks from your summer job and head straight to the mall for a complete wardrobe makeover – if you’re lucky, that is. For those not-so-lucky ones, including myself, a new school year means scrambling to earn some last-minute cash for new books, new furniture and outrageous rent for ridiculously overpriced school housing. All of these money eaters rarely leave room for a single outfit update let alone a complete makeover, so we have no choice but to resort to our own closets. I can already hear some of you groaning at the thought of wearing the same thing you wore all summer, but don’t you worry, dear fashionistas, I’m here to guide you through the secrets of outfit recycling that will make old seem new and right on trend, with real examples from my very own closet.

A maxi skirt is a perfect way to transition your summer tanks into fall. Tone down on the girly side and toughen up your outfit with a pair of lace-up boots.

Sick of boring old maxi skirts? Cut it up and show some skin – totally DIY-able!

An instant chic outfit recipe: stick with the same color all over, and add a cute tote in a totally different color. Done and ready in three minutes.

Just because it’s fall doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing your favorite summer dresses. Your wide range of bright jackets from spring will keep them wearable until winter!

Deathly afraid of the blasting A/C in the classroom? Throw on a cute cardigan or a jacket over your shoulders – a royal-like way of keeping you warm.

Get in touch with your inner country girl side with a denim shirt in a relaxed fit and a floral maxi. A statement bag is a must!

The rise of bright colors takes preppy dressing to a whole new level. Give your outfit some energy by throwing on a bright coral blazer.

Join in the crazy lace trend by sporting a lacy sweatshirt on top of your favorite denim shorts.

Add some statement socks and a cute mini backpack to your usual tee-and-shorts combo.

Don’t let your crazy party outfits go to waste just because festival season is over! I turned by favorite party dress into a top by wearing it under a soft pink maxi - totally class appropriate.